Investigating (with) Big Data – 24 May, Cardiff

The Data Justice Lab is helping Cardiff University’s Digital Cultures Network organize a one-day symposium on Investigating (with) Big Data. The event will bring both humanities and social science perspectives to the field of Big Data to think about critical uses and useful critiques of ‘datafication’ in humanities and social sciences research. It explores Big Data-based research and investigations, questions surrounding the generation, use and interpretation of Big Data, and the risks and challenges of Big Data.

Topics that will be addressed include:

·         New research objects for analysis such as digital music, film
·         Constructing big data for research
·         Text- and data-mining of historical and archival material
·         Curation and preservation of big data
·         Big data and archival practice
·         Linked data and Big Data
·         The myths of data-based objectivity and impartiality
·         Characteristics and gaps of data-based epistemologies
·         Discrimination in data analysis
·         Investigating algorithms

Deadline for abstract submissions: 24 April 2017.

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