Data Justice Lab secures CUROP funding for project on Citizen Scoring in the Age of Big Data

We are delighted to have been rewarded a CUROP grant from Cardiff’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies to fund a student researcher to carry out research for the project ‘Citizen Scoring in the Age of Big Data: Society and the Media’. JOMEC student Adriana Panova will be with us for the months of June and July and will research the uses of data scores in the UK and how this has been covered in the British media. Welcome Adriana!

‘My name is Adriana Panova, I am 20 years old and I am from Bulgaria. Currently I am a Media and Communications student and outside of my degree I am a blogger and digital influencer. I have a strong passion for photography and writing. I also love to travel and hope that one day my job will involve a lot of traveling around the world. I have lived in Bulgaria, Hungary and Ethopia before I moved to the UK. Additionally, I can fluently speak Bulgarian, English, German and I am currently learning French.’

Adriana Panova photo

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