Talking Data Justice in Sydney

Our Co-Director, Lina Dencik, is excited to visit Sydney, Australia next week for a number of events and workshops. Jointly invited by Gerard Goggin from University of Sydney and Tanja Dreher from University of New South Wales, Lina will discuss her ERC-funded project DATAJUSTICE together with several other scholars working on related topics, as well as practitioners and civil society organisations.

On Tuesday 12th of April, Lina will give a seminar entitled ‘Approaches to data justice: Examining datafication from the perspective of social justice’ for the Media@Sydney research seminar series at the University of Sydney. Further details can be found here.

On Wednesday 13th of April, Lina will participate in a full-day invitation-only workshop on Data Justice at the University of New South Wales. This workshop will bring together scholars working on areas relating to data justice, including data sovereignty, data centres, and the datafication of welfare, as well as civil society organisations and practitioners working in areas of minority rights, refugees, and welfare. We will discuss data justice and law enforcement, data justice and welfare, and forms of resistance to datafication including structural reform, activism, and resistance in the everyday.

On Thursday 14th of April, Lina will give a talk entitled ‘From Data Ethics to Data Justice’ as part of a panel with Janet Chan at a Data Justice Meetup hosted by the UNSW Grand Challenge on Living With 21st Century Technologies. Further details can be found here.

On Friday 15th of April, Lina will participate in the Digital Rights and Governance in Asia Workshop at the University of Sydney.

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