Summer Time – Conference Time

It’s a busy summer for the Data Justice Lab as several of its members are attending conferences, workshops and summer schools to present our projects and discuss data justice. Here are a few of the events that we’ll attend this summer:

Authoritarian Practices Beyond National Regimes
University of Amsterdam, 2-3 July
Arne Hintz will discuss insights from our ongoing project ‘Data Scores as Governance’ and the upcoming book ‘Digital Citizenship in a Datafied Society’.

7th Biennial Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance
University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 4-6 July
Arne Hintz will present preliminary findings of our project ‘Data Scores as Governance’.

34th EGOS Colloquium
Tallin, Estonia, 5-7 July
Lina Dencik will be part of a panel discussing The Digital-Industrial Complex.

Turing Institute: Data and Inequality seminar series
London, 9 July
Lina Dencik will present on her DATAJUSTICE project in a seminar series organised by Professor Mark Graham and Sanna Ojanepera from the Oxford Internet Institute.

Interdisciplinary Summer School on Privacy
Nijmegen, Netherlands, 9-13 July
Lina Dencik will give a lecture on Algorithms in Context alongside a group of great teachers, including Julia Powles, Mireille Hildebrandt and Paul Dourish.

Will Democracy Survive the Age of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
London, 16 July
Lina Dencik will join David Wood and Indra Adnan for a public event organised by GlobalNet21 and Conway Hall as part of the Thinking Out of the Box series.

Seventh International Postgraduate Summer School “Cultures, Migrations, Borders”
University of the Aegean, Plomari, Lesvos, 3 – 12 July
Philippa Metcalfe will present a paper examining the digitalisation of borders and the use of biometrics in humanitarian aid distribution.

Refugee Rights in Records
Dublin, 9 August
Philippa Metcalfe will take part in this symposium which looks at the changing nature of documentation and official records due to new ICTs, focusing on critical ways of accessing, carrying and producing documents needed to access fundamental rights and claim asylum or achieve family reunification.

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