Presentation of Project Results: ‘Data Scores as Governance’, London, 19 November

Data Scores as Governance: Investigating Uses of Citizen Scoring in Public Services
Monday 19 November, 1-5pm
Robert Perks Room, Central Hall Westminster, London SW1H 9NH
On 19 November, the Data Justice Lab will present findings of a major research project – Data Scores as Governance – which explores the implementation and uses of data analytics in public services across the UK. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with members of parliament, local authorities, legal experts and civil society groups. Speakers include:

Baroness Grender (House of Lords Select Committee on AI) 
Darren Jones MP (House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology)
Gerrard Abi-Aad (Kent County Council)
Prof Lilian Edwards (Newcastle University)
Dr Godfred Boahen (British Association for Social Workers) 
Jen Persson (Defend Digital Me)
Javier Ruiz (Open Rights Group) 
Simon Burall (Involve) 
There will be coffee, tea and snacks from 1pm. Presentations will start at 2pm.
The event will be open to the public and we invite interested members of this list to attend.


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