Data Scores as Governance: Final Report Published

The final report of the project Data Scores as Governance: Investigating Uses of Citizen Scoring has been published. It summarizes the results of one year of intense research by the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University.

The project examines the uses of data analytics in public services in the UK. In particular it is concerned with the advent of data-driven scores that combine data from a variety of sources as a way to categorize citizens, allocate services, and predict behaviour. The report provides the first comprehensive overview of key developments and outlines concrete examples of how data analytics is implemented and used across different local authorities and partner agencies, what companies and systems are prominent, and understandings and perspectives about these developments amongst stakeholders and civil society. Drawing on multiple methods, including Freedom of Information requests, interviews, and stakeholder workshops, the report details the different ways that data systems are being used in public services.

Download the report here: Data Scores as Governance – Project Report

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