DJL’s Emiliano Treré talks digital activism and imaginaries in Italy

DJL’s Emiliano Treré will participate in two events in Italy later this month.

On March 20, he will deliver the talk “Disassembling the hybridity of networked activism” based on his new book “Hybrid Media Activism” (Routledge, 2019) at the Cosmos Centre on Social Movement Studies. The talk is scheduled at 3 pm in the Sala Simone del Pollaiolo, Scuola Normale Superiore, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence. The abstract can be accessed here.

On Sunday March 24 at 7 pm, Emiliano will join movie critic Matteo Papi and videomaker Corrado Ravaioli at Diagonal Loft-Club in Forlì (Italy) for a conversation around technological visions, dystopian futures and out-of-control algorithms spurred by the ‘Black Mirror’ phenomenon. Read more about the event here and here.

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