DJL hosts workshop on civic participation in data-driven governance

As part of our recently launched project ‘Towards Democratic Auditing’, we are very happy to host the first workshop of the project on Friday June 7th in Cardiff. This invitation-only workshop brings together key experts and stakeholders, from the UK and internationally, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of advancing citizen and community voices in the development, implementation and uses of data systems in government. The workshop will explore participatory practices such as citizen juries and assemblies, government and civil society strategies for engaging citizens and communities in the field of data and algorithmic decision-making, and will consider alternative and radical visions for citizen-centred and community-led democratic processes.

At the workshop we will discuss current practices in the UK as well as learn from initiatives and strategies for civic participation happening elsewhere, such as Iceland, Spain, and the United States, in order to identify potential models, possibilities and challenges for citizen and community engagement with data-driven governance. This will go on to inform our continued research for the project.

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