Lab contributes to workshop on data commons, platform economy and digital justice

Questions of social and economic justice in a datafied world were on the agenda of the international workshop ‘Data and Digital Intelligence as People’s Resources: Reclaiming Freedom and Control in a Data-based Society’ which was organised by the Just Net Coalition and hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin on 23rd and 24th November.

The event which preceded this year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brought together digital rights activists; civil society groups engaged with questions of North-South relations, development and global trade; and scholars working on datafication and social justice. Key issues that were discussed included the concentration of data in the platform economy, and the development of a functioning data commons.

Data Justice Lab co-Director Arne Hintz discussed the Lab’s work on data-based governance and participatory mechanisms as part of his presentation on ‘The landscape of data practices and policies’.

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