Data Justice Lab at Data Power 2022 Conference

The biennial Data Power Conference is one of the most important events in our field, and so we’re thrilled that several Lab members will join the conference this year and discuss their research.

The conference will be held over the course of three days – 22-25 June – at three different locations: University of Bremen, Germany; University of Sheffield, UK; and Carleton University, Canada. All three locations will be connected and will form an integrated conference programme of offline and online sessions. We’re looking forward to this fantastic experiment of post-pandemic conferencing and to meeting many colleagues working in our field.

The conference will include the following presentations from Lab members:

Day 1 (in Sheffield):

Arne Hintz: Democratising Data-driven Governance: Citizen Assemblies and Data Power, Arne Hintz

Day 3 (in Bremen):

Fieke Jansen: Data legitimacy and the justification of police power

… and (also Fieke): Critical is not political: The need to (re)politicize data literacy

Day 3 (in Ottawa):

Joanna Redden: Automating Public Services: Learning from Cancelled Systems

Day 3 (online):

Emiliano Treré (and others): Roundtable on Administrative data

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