Teaching about Data: A New Resource for Educators

Data Justice Lab PhD candidate Ina Sander has collaborated with the organisation Privacy International to create a data literacy resource that will help educators teach students about data centric technologies and critical data literacy. The resource can be useful to a wide range of teachers working in either formal education or non-formal education, people working in NGOs on related topics, organisers of community workshops, activists, or media makers who might be interested in creating critical data literacy resources themselves.

Every day new developments in tech and data are creating profound changes in how society is ordered, decisions are made, and whether people are empowered or monitored through data and tech. To navigate today’s and tomorrow’s societies, we all need to learn about the roles that tech and data play in shifting power relations and challenging people’s autonomy. People need access to knowledge to help inform public debates. Educators are crucial to this mission.

This resource provides educational material and tools to help navigate these issues. Take a look here!

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