New IJoC Special Section on Civic Participation in the Datafied Society

The International Journal of Communication (IJoC) has published a Special Section on Civic Participation in the Datafied Society. Guest-edited by the four directors of the Data Justice Lab, it brings together six contributions from international authors that investigate practices, structures, and constraints of civic engagement in a context of datafication. From different disciplinary and geographic perspectives, they discuss the role of citizen voices in data governance; questions of data literacy and understanding; self-organized data audits and data production; participatory institutions, as well as the wider social and political context of participation. 

The Special Section builds on our 3-year research project Towards Democratic Auditing which we summarise briefly in our introductory article. The following six articles emerged from our second Data Justice Conference in 2021. All authors presented their work and (preliminary) findings at that conference.

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