Looking back at the 3rd Data Justice Conference

On 19 and 20 June, over 200 participants met in Cardiff (and online) for the 3rd Data Justice Conference titled Collective Experiences in the Datafied Society. Across 3 plenary sessions and 32 paper presentation sessions, workshops and roundtables, they explored impacts and lived experiences of an increasingly datafied world, and discussed responses to the ongoing datafication of social processes and institutions.

The conference was the latest in a series of Data Justice conferences organised by the Data Justice Lab, which have brought together participants from around the world to discuss social justice implications of datafication and to develop the ever-evolving agenda of data justice. The conferences have served as key opportunities for analysing, understanding, and strategising about data justice, and as crucial meeting points for the global data justice community.

The three plenary sessions of the 3rd Data Justice Conference were live-streamed and are available on Cardiff University’s Youtube channel:

Conference Opening and Keynote Plenary 1: EXPERIENCES AT THE MARGINS
Mirca Madianou (Goldsmiths, University of London), Patrick Williams (Manchester Metropolitan University), Hamid Khan (StopLAPDSpying Coalition). Chair: Alison Powell.
Monday 19 June, 9:30-11am
Recording: https://youtube.com/live/Rxkvy6UsOY8?feature=share

Dan Mcquillan (Goldsmiths, University of London), Sarah Murphy (Member of the Senedd), Rosa Curling (Foxglove), Kaelynn Narita (NoTechForTyrants). Chair: Natalie Fenton.
Monday 19 June, 5-6pm
Recording: https://youtube.com/live/Rehm0QkKi7M?feature=share

Catherine D’Ignazio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Donna Cormack (University of Otago), Carolina Botero Cabrera (Karisma). Chair: Tracey Lauriault.
Tuesday, 20 June, 1:45-3:15
Recording: https://youtube.com/live/FQxLsCeF_0w?feature=share

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