Current projects:

DATAJUSTICE – ERC Starting Grant (funded by the European Research Council). Access the project website here.

Data Scores as Governance: Investigating uses of citizen scoring (funded by the Open Society Foundations). Read more about the project here.

Data Policies: Regulatory Approaches for Data-Driven Platforms in the UK and EU (in collaboration with ITforChange, funded by the IDRC). Read more about the project here.

Data Harm Record: Provides a running record of data harms that have caused by the uses of big data. The document compiles the examples of harms that have been detailed in previous research and publications. You can access the Record here.

Research projects on data justice that we’ve been involved with recently:

Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: UK State-Media-Citizen Relations after the Snowden Leaks (Cardiff University)

Managing Threats: Uses of Social Media for Policing Domestic Extremism and Disorder in the UK (Cardiff University)

Social Media and Big Data (Infoscape Research Lab)